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Child Custody Attorney in Pocatello, Idaho

Child Custody Attorney in Pocatello, ID

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Ironing out the terms of your divorce can be difficult. Deciding on a child custody arrangement can be even more challenging. Nick L. Nielson Attorney at Law handles all kinds of family law cases in Pocatello, Idaho. You can rely on him to help you determine the best child custody arrangement for your situation.

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Find a Child Custody Attorney to Help Modify Your Arrangement

Nick L. Nielson Attorney at Law can help. Reach out to our lead child custody attorney in Pocatello, Idaho if:

  • You’ve been denied visitation

  • You’re planning on moving

  • The other parent has harmed your child

  • The other parent has remarried

  • Your new job schedule conflicts with visitation

Attorney Nielson will work with you and your ex to create a parenting plan you can both agree on. Contact an experienced child custody attorney today to learn how to best modify your agreement.