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When you’re facing legal issues at home or at work, it’s best to have an experienced attorney on your side. You should know your rights and be aware of your legal options before making life-changing decisions. Nick L. Nielson Attorney at Law offers the legal assistance when you need a:










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We'll help you navigate through emotions to do what's best for your family and children.

Family Law

Don't let discrimination affect your employment status. We can also assist with contract disputes.

Employment Law

Don't become overwhelmed by medical bills. Get the compensation you deserve.

Personal Injury Law

Create a plan for the future by talking to an estate attorney today.

Wills and Probate Law

Nick L. Nielson Attorney at Law will ALWAYS fight for your best interests

Attorney Nielson will provide advice when you're trying to create a will or estate. He will work hard to get compensation for your personal injury case and fight for your employment rights when you've been discriminated against. Not every case we handle has to go to trial. In some situations, we will negotiate an outcome for your benefit. Contact Nick L. Nielson Attorney at Law today when you need a wrongful termination attorney in the Pocatello, ID area.

We offer nearly three decades of experience

Nick L. Nielson Attorney at Law has been practicing law since 1988. He and his paralegal will keep you informed about the progress of your case and always work for your best interests. Attorney Nielson has worked for defendants and plaintiffs in personal injury cases and brings that knowledge to your situation. Schedule a free consultation on your personal injury case in the Pocatello, ID area by contacting Nick L. Nielson Attorney at Law today.